About us


What is Sunshine Education Society

We are NGO which is providing education for poor children. We have little school in Varanasi  with 11 children.Our school was set up in 2015. The founders Vicky Dubey  from India  and Katerina Hapalova  from Czech Republic came together to set up a school to help to educate underprivileged childred, who are coming from very poor famillies.

Vicky Dubey was also born to a poor family, lost his father in early years and  strugled a lot in his school years. He went to goverment school but sometime he didnt have food to eat . These difficult living conditions had impact on him  and  developed strong attachment to help poor children.

Katerina Hapalova has a degree in social work  studies.When she came to India and saw the living condition of poor people , she decided to stay and help them by providing education and getting the funds for their children.

Children in our school come from poor families which cannot afford regular  school for their children. We are very happy we can give them basic education. We teach them  Hindi language, English language, mathematics…. and painting. We support children`s creativity, imagination. We also teach them about the nature,  about mother Ganga, how important is to keep Ganga and all  the enviroment clean.

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